menu-page-headerFunaticz offers a full kitchen service providing top quality hot & cold food.
Choosing the Healthy Option has never been so satisfying with delicious pasta dishes, jacket potatoes and salad bowls, as well as vegetarian and halal dishes.

Of course you could choose our all day breakfast menu, or opt for chips, burgers and desserts for a special treat! We also have a Children’s Menu to tempt even the pickiest eaters.

We have a huge seating area so come along and put our award winning food to the test!.

menu-burgersActive 1/4 lb Beef Burger – £2.80
lettuce, onions, cucumber, cheese
and burger sauce
Salsa Tom Beef Burger – £2.80
cheese, red onions, tomato, lettuce and Salsa SauceCheese Burger – £2.80
cheese and ketchupChicken Zinger Burger – £3.20
cheese, lettuce and mayonaiseVeggie Burger – £2.80
cheese,onions, tomato and burger burgers come with cheese unless not requested when ordering

Funaticz Combi Burger & Chips £4.50
You decide the combination of toppings on your succulent seasoned 1/4 pounder burger. Choose any 3 toppings from the list below to make your combi.ToppingsBacon – Hash Brown, Jalapeno, Fried Onion, Mushrooms, Cheese, or BBQ Sauce
Any additional topping 30p each

Active Beef Burger & Chips – £3.70
lettuce, onions, cucumber, cheese and burger sauceSalsaTom Beef Burger & Chips – £3.70
cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce and Salsa SauceCheese Burger & Chips – £3.70
cheese & ketchup

Chicken Zinger Burger & Chips – £4.20
cheese, lettuce and mayonaise.

Crispy Cod Fillet & Chips £4.99
tartar sauce, peas or salad

Crispy Nuggets & Chips – £4.10
BBQ or Sweet Chilli Dip & Garnish

Spicy Chicken Strips & Chips – £4.00
BBQ or Sweet Chilli Dip & Garnish

Fish Fingers & Chips – £3.60
mayonaise & Garnish


Lettuce, Cucumber, tomato, Onion and Mayo

Cheese £2.85
Chicken & Sweet Corn £3.10
Tuna & sweet corn £2.95
Ham & Cheese £2.95

Comes with salad and mayonaise unless specified at ordering


Ham Salad – Chicken Salad – Cheese Salad – Tuna & mayo – Tuna, onion & cucumber.

All Sandwiches £2.70 each
Comes with salad and mayo unless specified at ordering


Crisps 70p
Quavers 70p
Chocolate bars as priced
Lollipops 15p
Ice cream 70p

menu-salads Lettuce, Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, with choice of dressings
Plain bowl – £2.70
alad with Ham – £3.10
Tuna  – £3.10
Chicken – £3.20
Shish Kebab salad – £3.20
with lettuce, onions, cucumber and yoghurt, mint sauce.Chicken Piri Piri salad – £3. 70              Fillet chicken breast with lettuce, cucumber, onions tomato
& Piri piri sauce
menu-pastadishesTomato Pasta – £3.30
Cheese & Tomato – £3.60
Tuna Pasta – £3.80

CARIBBEAN FOOD Tasty Curry goat and rice.Fried Chicken, dumplins, and seasoned vegetables.Look out for our week end special menuCaribbean Meals Breakfast Deals, etcmenu-jacketpotatoesPlain Jacket Potato with Butter £2.70
all fillings 80p each
Tuna & Sweetcorn, Ham & Cheese, Baked Beans & Cheese, Cheese & Onion, chicken & Sweetcorn £1 Cheese 60p each

menu-playmealsfor smaller appetites
served with chips & drink carton

Cheese Burger £2.70
Chicken Nuggets £2.75
Halal Chicken Nuggets £2.75
Fish Fingers £2.70
Choice Sandwich £2.70
with mini Fruit Bowl

Cheese & Tomato Pasta £2.70
Mini Jacket£2.70
with one topping

Play Cheese Burger – £1.50
No drink or fries


A large portion of Chicken Strips, Onion rings, Sandwiches & chips with Dips

Serves 6 persons  – £13.95

Side Orders

Chips  – £1.40
Southern fries – £1.60
Potato Wedges – £1.60
2 slices of toast – 60p
2 Bread and butter – 50p

Spicy Chicken Strips – £3.15
Comes with a BBQ or sweet chilli dip

9″ Thin base Pizza – £3.80
cheese & tomato


Funaticz combi burger – £4.90
3 topping and chips With a can or cup of tea

Chicken Zinger Burger and chips – £4.60
with a can or cup of tea 

Meal to share – £5.60
9″ Pizza, a Bowl of Chips and a jug of squash


award winning food at FunaticzHALAL DISHESHalal foodActive1/4lb Burger – £2.80
lettuce, onions, cucumber, cheese and ketchup
Salsa Tom Burger – £2.80
cheese, red onions, tomato, lettuce and Salsa Sauce
Cheese Burger – £2.80
cheese and ketchup
Chicken Zinger Burger – £3.20
cheese, lettuce and mayonaise
Shish Kebab Salad £3.10
lettuce, onions, cucumber,& yogourt mint sauce
Chicken Nuggets & Chips – £4.10
BBQ or Sweet Chilli Dip & Garnish
Spicy Chicken Strips & Chips – £4.00
BQ or Sweet Chilli Dip & Garnish
Play Meal, Nuggets, Chips – £2.75
& carton drinkmenu-breakfastFull-breakfast – £3.95
Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Beans, Mushrooms, Hash brown, Tomato and Toast
Egg and Bacon £2.80Sausage and Bacon £2.80Beans on toast £2.10Cheese on Toast £2.202 slices of toast 60p

Sandwich Choices

Any 2 choices from the full breakfast £2.80

Any 3 choices from the full breakfast £3.30

Full Breakfast with Chips £4.50

(no toast or garnish with these orders)

Breakfast Meal and Chips

3 breakfast Choices with Chips £3 85
2 breakfast Choices with Chips £3.50


Cans 90p
Fruit Shoots 70p
Bottle Water £1.00
Fruit Juice 90p
Slush Puppies £1.20 or £1.70
Jug of Squash £1.50


Tea £1.20
Herbal Teas £1.30
Coffee £1.60
Espresso £1.60
Mochacino £1.60
Cappuccino £1.60
Hot chocolate £1.60

menu-dessertsSee Counter for Desserts Cakes & Biscuits