Frozen Sing Along Elsa doll

Disney Frozen Sing Along Elsa doll hits retail stores in Australia


THE Frozen frenzy is set for a new peak with the release of a new Elsa doll.


The Sing Along Elsa doll has been on sale in Target for a week but more stock is already being shipped to Australia.

Hunter Products sales manager James Hunter, who is distributing the doll, said Frozen is a phenomenon that appeals to 10 month old babies and adult women though the core market is girls aged three to eight.

Let’s sing it again! Picture by Chris Pavlich

This is the second Frozen doll to be released. The first, released last year, was Snowflake Elsa but the new doll’s novelty is that she sings the whole song Let It Go and also has a karaoke feature that enables children to sing along.

It has been awarded the Australian Girls Toy of the Year for 2015 but she is not cheap, presently selling at Target for $79.

Mr Hunter said the technology is different to anything seen previously. The technology also explains the delay in her arrival and relatively small number of dolls arriving in the first shipment. see full story

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