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4 – 6 year olds: Growing up fast

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Between the ages of four and six, children start to take their first steps towards going out into the world and being an independent little person. Children go through lots of different emotional stages in these years and you may start to see big changes in their emotions and social skills. This can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time!

As parents or carers, there are things we can do to help them develop good social skills, understand and manage their emotions so they’re ready to deal with all the new challenges life throws at them.

Making and keeping friends

Between four and six, as children’s social skills develop, they may start to play more with each other and develop favourite friends. Learning how to be a good friend and manage the feelings that come with it can be difficult for children this age and you may well see lots of arguments, bossiness and frustration. This is completely normal and part of children trying to assert their place in the world.

Try and stand back from any squabbles and disputes and let children work it out for themselves – this goes for siblings too! Learning how to deal with conflict and resolve disputes is essential for developing good social skills.

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